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Carving in Carolina

GreenWood Wrights’Fest is a semi-annual gathering of spoon carvers, bowl turners, chair makers, basket weavers, and tool smiths united by a passion for crafting by traditional methods. The main festival offers formal classes taught by recognizable names while additional gatherings welcome casual collaboration and community building.

Kick Back in April

Join us for another casual gathering April 19th through 21st at Deep River Folk School. Stay tuned for more details.

Join Us In October

GreenWood Wrights’Fest will return October 11-13, 2024! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest developments.

Classes and Demonstrations

True to the culture of the carving community, GreenWood Wrights’Fest is dedicated to creating a supportive space to learn and grow in the greenwood craft. Classes offer a structured environment to learn from some of the best makers in the game. Demonstrations showcase skills and techniques to further enrich your experience and understanding of the Sloyd ecosystem.

Liesl Chatman teaching kolrosing
kolrosing with Liesl Chatman
sawing with Roy Underhill
Peter Ross giving a demonstration
smithing with Peter Ross

A Traditional Craft

Derived from Swedish hand crafts called Sloyd, green woodworking is a traditional way of making functional items for the farm and home with recently harvested wood. Historically taught in schools, this form of old school woodworking is captivating people from all walks of life and spreading like wildfire globally. We use primarily hand tools such as Silky saws, hatchets, Sloyd knives (Mora), and special spoon carving knives, transforming greenwood into beautifully crafted functional objects. Green wood is easy to carve but requires special considerations that may not be apparent to greenwood greenhorns. Greenwood wrights must have an intimate understanding of nature, the forest, the wood and traditional craftsmanship.

Roy Underhill with woodworking students

Get Carving

Not sure where to start? Check out our recommendations for carving tools and educational resources or take a peek inside our next events.

Help Make Greenwood Dreams Come True

We want to make green woodworking accessible to everyone. You can help by contributing to our GreenWood WrightsFest Scholarship Fund or nominating a recipient.

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