Tickets: 2022 GreenWood Wrights’Fest

The inaugural GreenWood Wrights'Fest will open on Friday, April 22 and continue through Sunday evening. Workshop sessions are scheduled for each afternoon as well as mornings on Sunday and Saturday. […]

[FREE] Hatchet Safety with Emilie Rigby

Two sessions will be held within the 3-hour time block to help new carvers safely handle their axes (and offer seasoned woodworkers some refreshers).  /*! elementor - v3.5.6 - 28-02-2022 […]

Kolrosing with Liesl Chatman (Session #1)

Liesl will fly in from Minnesota to teach a fabulous Scandinavian technique called Kolrosing (coal-rose-ing), where pigments are added to finely etched line drawings to create lovely images on spoons.You […]

[FREE] Tree Identification Walk with Emilie Rigby

Knowing how to identify trees and various available carving woods is a key skill for any green woodworker.  Emilie Rigby studied dendrology in college, and has been practicing tree ID […]