Tickets: 2023 GreenWood Wrights’Fest

The 2023 GreenWood Wrights'Fest will open on Friday, September 22 at noon and continue through Sunday evening, September 24th.

Shrinkpots with Joel Paul

Learn the traditional Swedish handcraft that utilizes the shrinking of wet wood as it dries to lock a dry bottom into a hollowed-out vessel.

Stool Making with Terry Ratliff (Part 2)

This is a 2-day workshop.Post and rung stools are a great way to learn rustic chair making techniques. In this two day class Terry will guide you on your wet […]

[FREE] Box Sheaths with Mozzy the Maker

In this demo Mozzy will cover how to make multiple styles of box sheaths for hook knives. Box sheaths are a great way to protect your hook knives and get creative with customizing the look of the box.

KIDS: Kolrosing with Nico Piedrahita

Kolrosing is a traditional Scandinavian technique for decorating wood and bone. We'll be etching designs into wood, then darkening them with pigment and oiling them to preserve the design.

Carving Spoons for Eating with Aaron Sparks

Carrying your own “pocket spoon” is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption. Eating spoons are more difficult than cooking spoons, this class is for advanced beginners to intermediate […]

Hand Brooms with Cynthia Main

In this 3 hour workshop, we will learn how to craft beautiful and useful hand brooms. Information covered includes how to size and select broom corn and tampico, talk about […]

Kolrosing with Don Nalezyty

Learn to decorate your treen with the ancient technique of kolrosing. A simple incised line filled with pigment and burnished closed, Kolrosing can transform your craft. Students will learn to […]