Western Saws Explained by Roy Underhill

Western Saws with Roy Underhill

Professor Underhill will demonstrate the miraculous Folding Sawing Machine, Corporation Model Number One Sawing Machine, for your edification and entertainment, a miracle of modern woodcutting! With Roy’s dynamic panache you […]

Carving Spoons for Eating with Aaron Sparks

Eating Spoon Carving with Aaron Sparks

Carrying your own “pocket spoon” is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption. Eating spoons are more difficult than cooking spoons, this class is for advanced beginners to intermediate […]

Kolrosing with Liesl Chatman (Session #2)

Kolrosing with Liesl Chatman

Liesl will fly in from Minnesota to teach a fabulous Scandinavian technique called Kolrosing (coal-rose-ing), where pigments are added to finely etched line drawings to create lovely images on spoons.You […]

Ash Basket Weaving with Brendan Gaffney

Ash Weaving with Brendan Gaffney

Using freshly pounded and dressed ash splints, students will learn the basics of constructing a “square-to-round” basket, a simple project and introduction to the concepts and material knowledge of weaving […]

Stool Making with Terry Ratliff (Part 2)

Stool Making with Terry Ratliff

This is a 2-day workshop and must be purchased through the Deluxe Package. Post and rung stools are a great way to learn rustic chair making techniques. In this two day […]