KIDS: Butter Knifes with Nico Piedrahita

We will be carving beautiful, functional butter knives from green wood in this class. A perfect beginner’s project, butter knives teach the student basic sloyd knife techniques and challenge them to make a straight, thin blade for their knife. Come make a utensil that you’ll use every day in the kitchen at home!

KIDS: Kolrosing with Nico Piedrahita

Kolrosing is a traditional Scandinavian technique for decorating wood and bone. We’ll be etching designs into wood, then darkening them with pigment and oiling them to preserve the design.

Understanding Wood with Levi O’Brien

Through lecture, demonstration, and hands-on learning, Levi will teach the fundamentals of wood as a material—it’s characteristics and diversity. You will learn the implications of a tree’s growth on its […]

Kolrosing with Don Nalezyty

Learn to decorate your treen with the ancient technique of kolrosing. A simple incised line filled with pigment and burnished closed, Kolrosing can transform your craft. Students will learn to […]