Stool Making with Terry Ratliff (Part 2)

Stool Making with Terry Ratliff

This is a 2-day workshop and must be purchased through the Deluxe Package. Post and rung stools are a great way to learn rustic chair making techniques. In this two day […]

Dala Horse with Ty Thornock (Session #1)

Dala Horses with Ty Thornock

Dala horses are a traditional Swedish craft originating from the region of Dalarna. Students will take a sawn pine blank and learn to carve facets and remove saw marks. They […]

Ash Basket Weaving with Brendan Gaffney

Ash Weaving with Brendan Gaffney

Using freshly pounded and dressed ash splints, students will learn the basics of constructing a “square-to-round” basket, a simple project and introduction to the concepts and material knowledge of weaving […]